What They Say About Us

“Before Greg, my company and me personally, suffered from an influx of “good ideas” and those ideas were all over the board. After Greg, we have such clarity and focus that it caused our revenue to jump by 37% in one year.”
– John Hyland, President Absolute Force, Inc.

NAELB Association

“Jessie Green said he blew everyone out of the water.”

” Megan O’Brien said he was the best she has seen since becoming a member”

” Mae Philpott wrote in her Conference wrap-up that “Greg Winston [who spoke at Friday’s lunch] really tailored his presentation to our group and what we do.” Most notably, everyone who came to lunch actually stayed through the end of the talk.

UAEL Conference

You were by far the best speaker UAEL has ever had at a conference! Everyone I spoke with felt the same way. I hope as you mentioned that your relationship with UAEL is ongoing. The “effective selling” workshop was so refreshing in that you gave very compelling and pragmatic ideas that anyone, not just sales people, can apply. – Michael Green, Dakota Financial, llc

It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your philosophies this past weekend in Dana Point. Most resonating were your statements about positive attitude and their impact on “luck”. Thank you very much for your inspiration. – Jim Burnett, Accruit, LLC

Greg, I can’t believe that you would take the time to email me. No wonder you are on the top! You are very inspirational and I will us your knowledge for the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing Greg, I hope our paths cross again.

I will be posting one of your quotes weekly on our company message board. They all make me think. Mike Arness, Pres. ClearView Financial, Inc.

It was a pleasure attending your presentations last week in Dana Pt. It was one of the highlights of the program. I am the conference chair for our Fall conference in Albuquerque October 5-8. It’s focus is on exhibiting for funders, but we do have some educational sessions scheduled for Saturday the 7th. You mentioned continuing a relationship with the Association and I think personal improvement is always a valuable topic. I would be interested in your availability and pricing for a 2 hour session.