Process for Winning

How we Help

People usually come to Winston Communications looking for ideas and practical help. Often it’s a problem they have already been wrestling with for a while, haven’t solved to their satisfaction, and can’t leave alone. The problems tend to sound very different and 90% of the time improving the Culture solves the concern. Here are some examples:

“The hourly staff has communication with management and turnover it over 65% !” Regional Director, Healthcare Services

“I want a business improvement plan that my new team can own and drive.” Market Area Director, Private Bank

“I want the leaders here to set new standards for motivation and teamwork.” SVP Operations, Aerospace

Culture is the quality or condition of positive “like” thinking and action. Winston Communications is a resource centre for busy managers determined to get culture into action, in their teams, departments, divisions or companies.

 Our mantra is Thought process plus Passion equals Culture. Our systems, the Future Shape of the Winner model, the Culture Audit, and other distinctive proprietary methodologies all root back into Greg Winston’s lifetime obsession with Culture and how to achieve it.

 Our consultants and facilitators have a real passion for creating Culture, for our clients, their businesses, and for ourselves!

The workshops inspire and engage people to take up the pursuit of Culture, in their work and in their lives.

 We have a range of practical tools and approaches that help clients to develop and implement performance improvement agendas that fit their particular needs. Energy and active participation are hallmarks of everything we do.
In this section, we describe the Case for Change in today’s business context. We describe the Future Shape of the Results™ (FSR) model and its Seven Elements and the Culture Audit™ diagnostic survey. In What shape are you? we show how clients can rate their current performance on the FSR model and compile a custom agenda for improvement.